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Taylor, Staff Nurse in Emergency Department

What is your current role and what does it involve?

My current role is a band 5 Nurse in the emergency department. My role involves me working within all areas of the Emergency Department – from assessing people that walk in through the front door to patients who get bought in by ambulance to the Emergency room. I have gained a lot of skills from working within the emergency department such as venepuncture, cannulation, suturing and plastering.

Why did you choose to do the job you do now?

I chose this role as I like the variety that comes through the department. I like that every day is different and that I am always being challenged. I am also glad to be working within the emergency department as it is a rewarding job, although it can be challenging at times I like knowing that I’ve been able to help patients who present to the department.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The thing I enjoy most about my role is the team work within ED. I always feel supported and have the opportunity to learn lots of new things. I also like that within the emergency department there is great variety; you could see a medical patient, surgical patient and trauma patient all within a few hours of being at work.

What training have you had and how has your career progressed?

Since qualifying I have been on lots of study days which have helped me progress in my role such as, venepuncture, cannulation, and catheterisation. The triage study day has allowed me to work in different areas within ED. My personal favourite training was the ATLS observers study day. There is continuous training that I go on throughout each year arranged by the emergency department training and development team to keep my practice up to date.

What motivates you most about working at Leicester Hospitals?

The thing that motivates me most about working at Leicester hospitals is working with a good MDT who works together for the benefit of the patient.

What are the best things about Leicestershire and the surrounding area?

The best things about Leicestershire is that you have easy access to everywhere around the country due to it being located in the midlands. There are good shopping centres and also lots of free things to do such as visiting Bradgate Park and new walk museum. There is also a good night life with lots of nice cocktail bars.

For people thinking about joining Leicester Hospitals what would you say to them?

I would say to anybody thinking about joining Leicester Hospitals to give it a go. Come and experience working within the brand new Emergency floor and experience the team work and support for yourself.

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